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Your Real-world Virtual Pet

What are Plasmals?


Each Plasmal is unique and programmatically generated from more than 40 possible traits. They're cute, cuddly and - thanks to AR technology - coming soon as your real-world virtual pet.

Plasmals are a lovable collection of 

10,000 NFT- based creatures

on the Ethereum blockchain.


Plasmals have always lived in harmony in Plaspia, a peaceful land rich in natural resources.

But long ago, when a mysterious portal opened, an interdimensional virus

was released upon their world. Plasmals began to mutate into Dipla,

a playful and mischievous subspecies, and the two have been at odds ever since.

Plaspia has been the home for Plasmals and Dipla for generations...

but what would happen if the portal opened again?

Purchase your Plasmals in Opensea!

3 Levels of Evolution

Every Plasmal can evolve up to 3 times.

To level up, each character must gain experience and eat plasma.

1 year

2 years

3 years

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Coming Soon!

Meet your Plasmals in Real Life!

Your virtual pet will join you in the real world soon!

Stay tuned for more chances to play with Plasmals in 2022.

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A Friend in Any Dimension

Whether you're in the real world or

the virtual world, let Plasmals be your

companion anytime, anywhere. Your

NFT will grow in value alongside you.

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Events are coming soon!

We want to build a community around Plasmals.

As Plaspia and our technology expand, we have plenty of big and small events, upcoming minigames, and more planned for 2022!



Phase 1

  • Ideation

  • Website development

  • NFT preparation

Phase 3

  • NFT sales

Phase 5

  • Enhance community

  • Plasmals app beta

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Phase 2

  • Whitelist

  • NFT presales

  • Website launch

  • Early community

Phase 4

  • NFT sales

  • Enhance community

  • Minigame app

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Connect your wallet

Create an OpenSea account

by connecting your

crypto wallet of choice.

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Purchase your Plasmals

With 10,000 Plasmals and Dipla

to choose from, you'll be sure to find your perfect match.

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Download the Minigame

An interactive experience

in coming very soon...

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Join the Community

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Our community channels are the place to get the

latest updates, chat with developers and find like-minded friends!

We always welcome your feedback.

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