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Real-world metaverse 'TwinWorld' selected as 5G Telco Edge Cloud testbed for 3 mobile carriers

The metaverse is coming, and Telefónica, Deutsche Telekom, TIM, MobiledgeX, and DoubleMe are joining forces to test its foundation.

SUNNYVALE, CA—DoubleMe is proud to announce the launch of HoloVerse, a proof of concept project in partnership with Telefónica, Deutsche Telekom, TIM, and MobiledgeX.

HoloVerse is a worldwide project in which global mobile operators will test the optimal 5G Telco Edge Cloud network infrastructure for the seamless deployment of various services using the metaverse.

TwinWorld, the world’s first “real-world” metaverse platform created by DoubleMe, has been selected as the testbed platform for the HoloVerse project.

The metaverse, a combination of the prefix "meta" (meaning beyond) and "universe", is a collective virtual shared space. Using mixed reality technology, TwinWorld layers the metaverse on top of the real world, hence the “real-world metaverse.”

For the metaverse to exist, the platform will require creating and transmitting large digital contents in real time using 5G and Edge computing technologies, indicating the need for interoperability over heterogeneous 5G edge clouds.

This project will involve Telefónica in Spain, Deutsche Telekom in Germany, and TIM in Italy, as part of the Telco Edge Cloud consortium under the Global Mobile Operators Association (GSMA). As a key member of the GSMA’s Operator Platform Group, MobiledgeX will be providing their Edgecloud 3.0 platform to enable 5G MEC resource management cloud services.

TwinWorld was selected for HoloVerse due to the proprietary technology developed by its creator company, DoubleMe. A leading volumetric capture company focused on bringing the physical and virtual worlds together, DoubleMe pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with 3D technology and creates simple, no-code tools to allow anyone to create in mixed reality, in real time.

DoubleMe will integrate HoloPort, a holographic video conferencing software, and World Engine, a real-time mapping system that tracks the location of mixed reality contents, into the HoloVerse project. Both of these technologies require large-capacity and low-latency network infrastructure, and once the initial tests are complete, all companies in the project will jointly discover and commercialize various use cases for the real-world metaverse.

David Moro, head of Telefónica’s network service platforms, said, “Using the TwinWorld platform, we can test the possibility of a real-world metaverse in 5G telco edge cloud. We will be able to provide a communication service using this concept."

Albert Kim, CEO of DoubleMe said, “Through this project, we plan to discover a variety of TwinWorld-based real-world metaverse services, such as education, tourism, and entertainment, and grow our vision on a global scale.”

HoloVerse tests will continue until the end of this year.

Since 2019, DoubleMe has collaborated with 15 global mobile carrier partners such as Telefónica, Deutsche Telecom, Singtel, British Telecom, and SK Telecom for the deployment of TwinWorld's global 5G-based real-world metaverse service. Currently, DoubleMe operates the Hologram Room, where you can experience TwinWorld in nine major cities worldwide, including Singapore, Moscow, London, and Seoul, with domestic and overseas mobile carrier partners.

About DoubleMe

DoubleMe is a Silicon Valley transformative technology startup that specializes in real-time volumetric capture technology. Operating in Sunnyvale, London, and Seoul and partnering with 15 telcos worldwide, DoubleMe is constantly developing new ways to democratize 3D technology and bring the physical and virtual worlds together. With our HoloPort™ and HoloPortal™ technology, the company provides an end-to-end platform for social holographic reality experiences.


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